Brad Pitt, a versatile and talented actor

It is miraculous how some people achieve success in a very short time while others struggle for a lifetime and yet fail to reach their goals. Brad Pitt, Hollywood superstar has reached the pinnacle of fame and has become a household name in many parts of the world in a very short time.  His rugged good looks and superb physical combined with his versatile acting talent has won the hearts of young and old alike.  While the young swoon over his blond, handsome looks the old find his acting entertaining and realistic.

Brad Pitt was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma in the year 1963.  His parents were good Baptists.  Bill Pitt, Brad’s father had a trucking business and Jane, Brad’s mother, worked as a counselor for families.  He has two younger siblings, a brother and a sister. He has a normal school education and joined the University of Missouri to study journalism.  So far his life was going very smoothly, his goal was normal, a good career as a journalist. However, just before his last semester, he decided that he wanted to be an actor, left everything and took off in his car for Los Angeles.  In the city where some people’s dreams of becoming actors or actresses come true, the dreams of a large number die a sad death, Brad had seven months of hard time, working as a driver and delivering the household items, but fate had another script in mind for him.  He had his lucky break by chance. He went along as a partner for his classmate who had an appointment with an agent. The agent liked his work and chose him instead, and Brad was on his way to fame and success.

In the beginning of his career Brad had roles that were based on his rugged blond good looks.  He acted in the television 0sitcom, Dallas, as well as other famous serial ‘Another World’, and ‘Growing Pains’, and ‘Glory Days’.  He had a chance to act in a movie made for television by NBC, ‘Too Young to Die,’ with Juliette, eventually Brad and Juliette started to live together.  After a very successful career in television series, Brad had a chance to start acting in movies. His early movies were run of the mill type of thrillers and horror movies.  He acted in ‘Cutting Class’, and in a movie called ‘Across the Tracks’, this movie brought him instant fame because he played the role of a sexy yet charming person.  The role earned him the title of a ‘sex symbol’, that is stuck with him since then.

In the year 1992, Brad played several important roles that pitched him in the big league along with names like Robert Redford.  He acted in ‘A River Runs Through It’ along with Robert Redford and earned accolades for this role as a younger brother who was both charming and self destructive at the same time.  He also did some light roles in many movies, including ‘Interview with the Vampire’, with Tom Cruise.  Ann Rice, who was not in favor of casting him in this movie, appreciated his acting.  Several critics also said that Brad’s acting in this movie was superb.  Brad went on to play in movies like ‘Legends of the Fall’ and ‘Seven’.  In ‘Legend of the Fall’, he played a role which complimented his rugged blond looks in ‘Seven’ he played the role of a serious detective, and he was superb in both these roles.

His blockbuster movies are ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’, in which he was joined by great actress, Angelina Jolie.  This movie was very successful and public like Brad and Angelina as a couple. In 2008 he acted in ‘Babel’ and was named as  the best actor in ‘Golden Globe nomination’. He moved on to play another outstanding role in ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’.  His next movie ‘Burn after Reading’, was nominated for Golden Globe as the best movie.  There is a long list of successful movies in which his acting was applauded both by the experts and the general public.  This includes ‘Wold War Z’, ’12 Years as a Slave, and Gerry Lane’.  He got an ‘Oscar’ for ‘Benjamin Button’.  He was also nominated several times for Academy Awards.  In 2014 he shared an Oscar with ‘McQueen and others.

Brad Pitt married television star Jennifer Aniston in 2000.  After a few years of marriage the couple was divorced in 2005.  After his divorce Brad dated and moved in to live with Angelina Jolie.  The couple is still living together and it is rumored that they have plans to marry this year. They have three adopted children, Pax Thien, Zahara and Maddox.  They also have three children of their own, a girl named Shiloh Nouvel Jolie Pitt and twins, a boy named Leon and a girl called Vivienne.  Along with Angelina Jolie, he is very active  in spreading social awareness and environmental issues. Both Angelina and Brad Pitt are two very talented and handsome couple and it is hoped that in the future their fans will see them acting together in another movie.

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