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Which driving style will provide the lowest fuel consumption?

Fuel consumption is a significant cost item. Savings of even 5% can be significant. We will tell you which driving style provides the lowest fuel consumption in our article.

Fuel consumption is a significant cost item for transport companies and corporate fleets. Savings of even 5% can be significant when it comes to the regular transport of people and goods. According to experts, one of the ways to reduce fuel consumption by 20-25% is an economical driving style. In this article, we will talk about which driving style principles provide the lowest fuel consumption, how to achieve an economical driving style in your company, and how to monitor drivers on the line.

Which driving style will have the lowest fuel consumption?

Let’s take a look at what factors affect fuel consumption and which driving style provides the least fuel consumption:

First, fuel consumption depends on the vehicle speed. If we drive too slow or too fast, more fuel is consumed. The speed at which the minimum fuel is consumed is 60 km / h for the city and 90 km / h for the highway;
Secondly, the higher the engine speed, the higher the fuel consumption. Fuel is consumed most efficiently at engine speed in any gear in the range of 2000-2500 rpm;
In addition, fuel consumption depends on the aerodynamic characteristics of the body. For example, if at a speed of 90 km / h a hatch or windows are open in the cabin, fuel is consumed by 4-5% more, and at a higher speed the overrun may be even higher – 25-30%. Hence the rule: at high speed, the hatch and windows must be closed;

Air conditioning systems, climate control, etc. at full power “eats” about 15% of the fuel. Conclusion: it is necessary to use interior cooling only when really necessary;
Another significant factor is sharp acceleration and deceleration. During sharp maneuvers, large portions of fuel enter the cylinders, which are consumed irrationally and not completely. If you avoid forced starts and rebounding, use the brakes less often to slow down and accelerate less often – the fuel consumption becomes significantly lower;
Other factors increase fuel consumption, for example, low tire pressure, high-octane gasoline, warming up the power plant at idle, driving in extreme temperatures (severe frost or heat), etc. If possible, all this should also be monitored.

Compliance with the above rules ensures an economical driving style with the lowest fuel consumption. But you’ve probably already noticed that not all of these rules are applicable in the work of transport companies. For example, in intra-city traffic, a lot of braking and acceleration, engine idling and driving at low speeds in traffic jams cannot be avoided. Nobody will stop the work of the company at plus / minus thirty either: customers are waiting for their goods and if you do not bring it, your competitors will do it.

At the same time, there are universal principles of an economical driving style that your employees may well use. These principles are:

  • smooth and accurate driving without sharp maneuvers, intensive acceleration and braking;
  • compliance with the speed limit;
  • turning off the engine during long-term parking (if there are no objective reasons not to do this);
  • closed windows and hatches when driving at high speeds;
  • compilation of optimal routes that ensure the maximum possible duration of movement at a constant speed.

Compliance with these simple rules will allow you to save up to 25% in fuel consumption.

MagnuFuel – does it work?

A MagnuFuel device has recently appeared on the market. This is a small rectangular case, consisting of two parts, which are attached to the fuel hose and connected together.
The manufacturer promises to reduce fuel consumption by up to 25%.
The principle of operation is based on the ordering of fuel molecules and greater efficiency from each milliliter.
One of the advantages of the device is its safety for the car – you do not need to disassemble the engine or break the integrity of the car parts. Simply attach the device to the fuel hose.

magnufuel review

What tools will help you control your driving style and ensure the lowest fuel consumption?

Of course, it is not enough to deduce the rules, you need to make sure that employees apply them, and this requires effective control tools.

To control the driving style of the car, the ITOB ECO-DRIVE satellite monitoring system was developed based on the 1C: GLONASS / GPS Satellite Monitoring Center software product.

The solution allows you to track:

travel speed, engine speed, temperature, mileage;
sharp acceleration and deceleration;
location, traffic routes, stops and parking of vehicles;
downtime with the ignition on;
current and total fuel consumption, places of refueling and draining;
generates a rating of drivers by waybills.
The system records all parameters online, the dispatcher will instantly know about any violation. The presence of such control increases the discipline of drivers, ensuring an accurate and economical ride. As a result, fuel costs are reduced, and this is noticeable from the very first days of using ITOB ECO-DRIVE.

Another plus of an economical driving style is the optimization of fleet maintenance costs. Careful attitude to technology prolongs its service life, cars need less repairs, and spare parts costs are reduced. The use of a satellite monitoring system allows you to participate in preferential insurance programs and save up to 30% on car insurance.

Fight Club a Serious Movie On Values in the Modern World

Movies became means of mass entertainment, unlike theatre because they generally tell a story, or convey a message. For few hours the audience are transported in a reality that is different and yet familiar with their own reality.  The effect is similar to reading a good novel but unlike a novel that is a flat way of telling a story because a novel depends on words to convey the story, while a movie takes the help of other props to make experience more realistic, the actors who enact the role of characters, the setting and technical details that help to create an atmosphere and the contrived environment, dimmed lights, surrounding sounds, all these make the audience forget their own lives and enter into the lives of the characters on the screen.  Fight Club is a powerful movie that tries to blur the difference between audience and a character.

Unlike the movies that are made and released every day in droves in all corners of the world to entertain the audience, Fight Club makes the audience sit up and look seriously at the contemporary society. It is serious, it conveys a message on the meaninglessness in the modern life, it is a satire on capitalist world and its overpowering emphasis on money as a source of everything good in the world theme,  Though the movie, when it was realized, was not accepted by a large number of audience, over the years it has acquired a kind of cult following because it forces the audience to a fresh critical look at the contemporary values.  The movie comes in the genre of a ‘dark comic drama’.


Brad Pitt, a versatile and talented actor

It is miraculous how some people achieve success in a very short time while others struggle for a lifetime and yet fail to reach their goals. Brad Pitt, Hollywood superstar has reached the pinnacle of fame and has become a household name in many parts of the world in a very short time.  His rugged good looks and superb physical combined with his versatile acting talent has won the hearts of young and old alike.  While the young swoon over his blond, handsome looks the old find his acting entertaining and realistic.


St. Helena is a historic and intellectually stimulating place

Smaller cities have a laid back atmosphere that allows people to grow to their full potential at their own pace.  They are less competitive and more community driven and that may be the reason why you find people more friendly and easy going.  St. Helena is a small town in the middle of the famous wine growing area in California.  The town has a small population, but it caters to the needs of surrounding wineries and rural communities as well.  The climate is fairly comfortable, not too cold in the winter and not too hot in the summer.  There is a sense of history about the place with its well preserved historic buildings, and yet St. Helena is also more cosmopolitan, it has good restaurants, a thriving theatre scene and art galleries. It is also dynamic and progressive.  Though it is a small place there is much to see in the city and its surrounding.


Jeff Dunham, marries again at the age of 52

The entertainment industry is changing fast with the development of digital technology. The advent of internet in every facet of life means that all those who are related to the entertainment industry, that includes actors and actresses, comedians and independent entertainers as well, have to change the way they project themselves. They have to face the fact that they have greater exposure to display their talent, their films, video clips and songs on the digital devices like on numerous smart phones, hand held devices, tabs and laptops.  The minus side is that they have to be constantly aware of the fact that their one casual action, adversely can affect their popularity.  This puts enormous mental strain on the performers, particularly on those who are not young and are on the wrong side of fifty years.  Sometimes the mental strain results indiscretions and extramarital affairs or following in love with younger women to lessen the impact of advancing age.  This may be the reason for Jeff Dunham’s divorce after 17 years of marriage.


Movies I will be waiting to watch this year (2015)

The year 2015 is going to be a big deal for movie fans because some their much expected movies from some of the reputed directors and star cast is expected to be released soon. Some of these movies are thriller, family drama, fantasy, science based movies with a variety of entertainments. Some of the movies from popular producers were long overdue and these producers are expected to release their latest productions during this year. Certainly this is a great news for movie lovers. Take a look at some of the movies expected to be released during 2015. As already said these are some of the movies which people are looking forward to see.

Star Wars (Episode VII):

After the episode VI of Star Wars Ludcasfilm was acquired by Disney and this came as a rude shock for Star Wars fans. They thought it could be the end of their much loved Star Wars series. But, much to the relief of Star Wars lovers, Disney allayed the fears and promised to bring out the next series of Star Wars in its original format. This promise was made in the year 2012. Now, Disney is all set to release Start Wars VII with J.J. Abrams as the Director and most of the earlier leading star cast like Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Hrrison Ford and many other starswould be playing in the VIIth series of Star Wars. It is said the VIIth episode will be a continuation of the VIth episode namely Return of the Jedi. It is rumored that VIIth episode will start with a presumption of passage of 30 year from the time Jade returned. Obviously, the leading characters will be playing the role of older characters. Fans hope VIIth series of the movie is not a spin off episode.