I am Dale Scotts

Hi! My name is Dale; I work as a manager at Whole Foods and my hobby is writing in my spare time about my favorite topics.  I love standup comedy and I am very fond of watching Jeff Dunham, the standup comedian and ventriloquist.  I have some favorite movies that I keep on seeing again and again.  This is my blog and I thought it is time I write about myself.

So, let us begin, I grew up in St. Helena, California, and I had a very strict religious upbringing, you know Church every Sunday and Sunday School to learn religious teachings and things like that but eventually as I grew older I realized that all these religious teachings, God, heavens and hell, after life all are made up  stories.  If there is a God, why does he allow little children who had not done anything wrong  to suffer, and if he wants us to be morally upright and get the best things, then why do people who do all sorts of bad things prosper and get the best things in life, while upright people suffer and are poor.  I kept on asking questions and pondering in my mind and then I came to the conclusion that there is no god and when you die you do not go to heaven or hell you just die, disappear, that is all, you do not go anywhere. I mean you do not have a soul and when you die, you are finished.  So, I am an atheist now, though I do not announce it because my family will feel distressed, particularly my Mom who is a true believer; says a prayer every time she leaves the house, prays faithfully for all members of the family.  I do not announce that I am an atheist; I am sort of a closet atheist.

1)      My favorite movie: Apart from writing, which I pursue as a hobby, I have few other interests.  My favorite movie is ‘Fight Club’; I keep on watching this particular movie again and again.  My family does not watch it anymore.  I go to my den put on the movie and watch it contently, munching pop corn and sitting comfortably in my easy chair.  Have you watched this movie, there is nothing like it, it is a fairly old movie, shot in 1999.  It is based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk which was published in 1996.  It stars Brad Pitt, Helena Bonham Carter and Edward Norton.  The story goes something like this, Norton feels unhappy with his boring everyday job and gets together with Brad Pitt to form a ‘fight club’ where people fight as a sort of interest, not as a sport.  Of course, the story takes some twists and turns, and is described by some critics as ‘coming of age’ story.  Norton is an insomniac, he cannot sleep and the doctor advises him to attend a ‘support group’.  Norton pretends to be a cancer patient and joins a support group; he becomes addicted to all types of support groups.  Brad Pitt is a salesman who befriends Norton and eventually takes him to his house when Norton’s house is gutted in fire.  Bonham plays an imposter who is also a part of the support group.  The movie is fast paced, with fantastic visual effects and Brad’s acting is mind blowing.

2)      Standup Comedians:  I love watching standup comedians; their humor is so uncontrived, and natural.  A good standup comedian can pick up any issue, even some serious issues and make it sound hilarious.  I love watching Jeff Dunham, live and on television.  I find him very funny; his humor is not slapdash, you know what I mean, not vulgar and tacky.  I love his ventriloquist act and way he can pretend that his puppet is talking is fantastic.  You know what is a ventriloquist, I am sure, it is the art of throwing your voice, and people think that the puppet is speaking, but actually the comedian is talking.  They keep on having a dialogue that is sometimes serious and sometimes very funny.  Jeff Dunham’s puppet does not look funny, it is very creepy looking.  Jeff calls it “Achmed the Dead Terrorist”, it really looks like a skeleton, it has skeletal hands and huge creepy looking eyes.  Can you imagine the effect when you hear voice coming out from a skull”? Jeff’s humor is pretty insulting, dressed down as they call it, his comedy is based on every day happenings and sometimes he even uses black comedy.  I suppose it is really meant for grownups not for small children.

Apart from writing these are my few interests that keep me happy and occupied.  Except for my belief in atheism I am a pretty plain person.  I attend office, work hard, come home and spend time with my family.  I enjoy holidays, working around my home and repairing things on weekends, getting together with friends.  I occasionally go out with my buddies to watch stand up comedians at the clubs.  I write whenever I get time, I write on various topics that interest me, I write about all famous standup comedians, the specific type of humor they use, whether they are good or not.  So far, I have written many blogs on comedians. It is a good hobby that is harmless and keeps me out of mischief.