Jeff Dunham, marries again at the age of 52

The entertainment industry is changing fast with the development of digital technology. The advent of internet in every facet of life means that all those who are related to the entertainment industry, that includes actors and actresses, comedians and independent entertainers as well, have to change the way they project themselves. They have to face the fact that they have greater exposure to display their talent, their films, video clips and songs on the digital devices like on numerous smart phones, hand held devices, tabs and laptops.  The minus side is that they have to be constantly aware of the fact that their one casual action, adversely can affect their popularity.  This puts enormous mental strain on the performers, particularly on those who are not young and are on the wrong side of fifty years.  Sometimes the mental strain results indiscretions and extramarital affairs or following in love with younger women to lessen the impact of advancing age.  This may be the reason for Jeff Dunham’s divorce after 17 years of marriage.

Jeff Dunham enjoys enormous popularity as a stand up comedian and ventriloquist. He is one of the most successful comedians on the circuit, was called ‘America’s favorite comedian’ and is now becoming popular in Europe as well and the rest of the world as well.  At one time he has recorded nearly 300 million hits on YouTube. He is one person who is continuously on display in some part of the world or the other. He has grossed a great income from his stage appearances and the sale of his DVDs and memorabilia.  He is constantly on the move, touring, promoting his shows, and hardly stays on his base for a longer period of time.  The constant struggle to stay on the top of the chosen career, that is both demanding and creative, puts the individual under great mental strain and sometimes leads to estrangement from the normal relationships.  The person under strain turns to the nearest available source of attraction rather than stay connected to the permanent relationships like a wife who stays far away.  Jeff Dunham fell in love with his physical trainer who was constantly with him during the tours, though he was married for 17 years and had three children. Proximity sometimes leads to love and there is nothing new in an actor or celebrity leaving his or her wife / husband for someone who is a part of their travelling circus. Before condemning Jeffery Dunham for his divorce or marrying a girl half his age, it is necessary to take a look at his career and his life.

Jeffery Dunham started learning ventriloquism when he was eight and was gifted dummy for Christmas along with a set of instructions how to learn ventriloquism.  This was not an ordinary dummy, it was a ‘Mortimer Snerd dummy’, Mortimer Snerd dummy was a part of the paraphernalia of Edgar Bergen, a famous comedian, ventriloquist and actor who created two characters as a part of his ventriloquist show, Mortimer Snerd and Charlie McCarthy. This dummy set Jeffery on the path of his future career.  He spent all his extra time and effort learning and practicing ventriloquism, he learned the techniques employed by Edgar Bergen, practicing in front of the mirror for hours on end. Eventually by the time he reached the sixth grade, he learned the complicated skill of ventriloquism and was good enough to take part in the competitions held to select best ventriloquists.  One needs to be a comedian to be a good ventriloquist because humor coming out of the mouth of a dummy is best way to attract and hold attention.

Jeffery started his career modestly, appearing before the teenagers in school and at the events held in churches.  His repertoire improved with practice and soon he started performing in front of a mature audience in local banquets.  While attending the university, he started performing on the campus, and during the weekend he would entertain larger audience.  It was reported that he was earning big bucks in his college years.  One look at Jeffery’s background and earlier career establishes the fact that his success in life is due to his own efforts only. Jeffery married his high school sweet heart very early in his career.

His career graph, so far, has not gone down, this could be due to his effort to look young and stay physically active, and also the timely introduction of his dummy, Achmet the dead terrorist, the audience learned to laugh at their fear of terrorists. Achmet became popular instantly and made Jeff Dunham the most popular comedian in America.  Jeffery is nearly 52 years old and constantly lives in front of the camera; it is like living in a fish bowl in front of audience twenty four hours a day.  He had to look fit, young and physically attractive.  He hired a beautiful and young personal trainer to help him look fit and supervise his diet, physical training and to travel with him on his tours. The proximity soon led to physical and emotional attachment and Jeffery says that he fell out of love with his wife and filed for a divorce in 2008.  As soon as his divorce came through he started a relationship with the new love of his life Audrey. He married Audrey in 2012, in California, it is reported that the marriage was incredibly romantic. The groom was dressed in a stylish Armani’s suit and the bride wore a traditional designer white gown complete with a flowing white veil.  The marriage ceremony was conducted in a vineyard and the Jeffery said that ‘it was about fun, friend, family’. The ring was carried by their pet dog who was escorted by Jeff’s friend.  The scribes write that Jeffery Dunham’s new life started on a fairy tale and romantic wedding, let hope it continues to be romantic and great in the future as well.

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