Movies I will be waiting to watch this year (2015)

The year 2015 is going to be a big deal for movie fans because some their much expected movies from some of the reputed directors and star cast is expected to be released soon. Some of these movies are thriller, family drama, fantasy, science based movies with a variety of entertainments. Some of the movies from popular producers were long overdue and these producers are expected to release their latest productions during this year. Certainly this is a great news for movie lovers. Take a look at some of the movies expected to be released during 2015. As already said these are some of the movies which people are looking forward to see.

Star Wars (Episode VII):

After the episode VI of Star Wars Ludcasfilm was acquired by Disney and this came as a rude shock for Star Wars fans. They thought it could be the end of their much loved Star Wars series. But, much to the relief of Star Wars lovers, Disney allayed the fears and promised to bring out the next series of Star Wars in its original format. This promise was made in the year 2012. Now, Disney is all set to release Start Wars VII with J.J. Abrams as the Director and most of the earlier leading star cast like Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Hrrison Ford and many other starswould be playing in the VIIth series of Star Wars. It is said the VIIth episode will be a continuation of the VIth episode namely Return of the Jedi. It is rumored that VIIth episode will start with a presumption of passage of 30 year from the time Jade returned. Obviously, the leading characters will be playing the role of older characters. Fans hope VIIth series of the movie is not a spin off episode.

Age of Ultron:

This is a star studded blockbuster movie with some of the staring legends like Wasp, Scarlet Watch, Doctor Strange and Ant Man is likely to be in the lead role. In fact, some of the critics are of opinion; this super star studded movie may erode the sheen of the movie. But, Avengeres have assured the fans that they would be bringing out a great movie; they have said the movie will be much more than what they expected. This movie will be directed by Joss Whdon. The movie lovers are pinning their hopes on these great stars and the renowned director.

Superman Vs Batsman:

As a matter of fact, this movie was expected to be released during 2014; but for various reasons it did not go on production lines. This movie from Warner Bros is still kept a secret although brisk ground work is going on. It is said that by releasing Superman Vs Batsman, Warner Brothers want to take on Marvel. This is because Warner Brothers have designed this movie in such a way; it involves the two historical superheroes namely Superman and the Batsman. Many of the movie lovers are of the opinion Ben Affleck may not be a suitable choice for Batsman role. It is also rumored that cast for the villain role for the movie is yet to be decided. Movie lovers are keeping their fingers crossed about the final star cast and for a glimpse of the story.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2:

This science fiction novel from Suzzane Collins has become a popular movie and it has attracted the attention of the several movie lovers. This movie is expected to be the last in the series and fans wonder what would happen to oppressed people of Paneem which was the theme in the earlier episode movie. Critics point out that the author Collins has made a perfect vision of the future of the oppressed class and they are now eager to know how the characters penned by Collins are treated in the movie. Many movie lovers hope this would be a wonderful move; it would be perfect combination of science in the service of oppressed population.

Inside out:

It is said that sky is the limit for human mind; it stretches beyond our imagination. You would agree with this statement when you see the adventurous mind of a 12 year old girl. This happens to be the theme of this great movie namely ‘Inside out’. This movie from Disney-Pixar is slated to give a saga of adventures from the12 year old girl. The movie is already under production line and the production tem agrees this movie has been a most challenging task for them. It is said that the girl is said to have performed to her best in this movie. Film lovers are also expecting some of the greatest animation characters in this ‘inside out’ because for the first time Disney-Pxiar is creating an animation character.

Fifty Shades of Grey:

This movie has Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in the main star cast. From the limited footage available, the movie is likely to be certified as PG-13 rating because it speaks less about sex which critics say is in direct contrast with the novel. There appears to be some hiccups in the finalization of the script and some changes were also effected in the star cast. All these issues have delayed the release of this much anticipated movie. Many people are of the opinion the thrill the novel had created has slowly melted down. Therefore, they feel the movie may not warm up the audience again and as a result the movie may not hit with a great success. But, many people are hoping great actions from the renowned start cast.

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